In A Nutshell

  • Wide range of activities and themes to choose from
  • Parties run for 1.5 hours
  • Dedicated party host
  • Private party room
  • Price includes homemade party food and a drink
  • Minimum 8 children with room capacity of 40 people
  • Packages start at only $27.5 per child!
  • Online enquiry with instant quote.
  • Party bags and custom cakes also available
  • Coffee tab and catering also available for adult guests

Order Of Events

On arrival, your guests will be greeted by your dedicated host and offered themed colouring in and popcorn. We ease in to the party, getting to know each other a little bit and wait for all our guests to arrive. After colouring, we move on to making our crafts!

While we guide you to make your crafts we will serve food and drinks. Yum! After we finish creating we will get together for a group photo with what we have made followed by Birthday Cake! After cake your host will help the guest of honour pass out party bags and thank their friends for coming.



  • Freshly Popped Popcorn
  • Homemade Beef Sausage Rolls (halal)
  • Fairybread Flowers
  • Summer Snow Apple Juice (diluted if preferred)

Party Themes

At our crafty party we’re all about getting creative! Containing the most open ended crafts of all of our parties, this package is suitable for younger children (3+) and works well when you have a wide range of ages to contend with. Crafts include making one badge, pasting and an eye mask.

Peg fairies Cupcake and Daisy are in pieces! For the fairy party you will put them, their house and garden together. Suitable for ages 4+

Make costumes to transform into your favourite hero!! Suitable for ages 4+ Choose two from:

  • Wonder Woman (Cape, Tiara, Cuffs)
  • Batman/girl (Mask, Cape)
  • Spiderman (Mask, Cuffs)
  • Captain America (Mask, Shield)
  • Iron Man (Mask, Arc Reactor)
  • Superman/girl (Cape, Chestplate)
  • Owlette (Mask, Amulette)
  • Catboy (Mask, Amulette)

Make a themed bubblegum bead necklace and headband in one of the following themes:

  • Frozen (age 4+)
  • Moana (age 5+)
  • Minnie Mouse (age 4+)
  • Unicorn (age 6+, ages 4-5 extra $3pp)
  • Alice in Wonderland (age 4+)

This party is in full bloom! Using flowers, feathers, ribbon, tuille and more you will create your very own flower crown! Suitable for ages 6+

Sail the high seas with your very own pirate crew of two! Make two peg pirates and a double masted sailing ship with flags, crows nest, cannons, plank and more! Suitable for ages 4+

Satisfy you inner Picasso! Paint until you can't paint any more! You and your guests will paint as many pictures as you can as well as a plaster pet AND a trinket box. Suitable for ages 3+

Optional Extras

Have a specific cake design in mind? We can take care of that for you! Our custom cakes are delicious, gorgeous and competitively priced. More details

Have your guests decorate their own cupcake! Each cupcake comes with its own decorating palette.

Available in 7", 9" or 12". Flavours include:

  • Chocolate (GF option)
  • Carrot
  • NY Cheesecake
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Lemon Meringue (GF)
  • Red Velvet

Each bag contains:

  • Small lolly pack
  • Chocolate
  • Lollypop
  • Scratch Craft
  • Balloon
  • Crayons
  • Stickers
  • Activity Pages

Upgrade your drink from an Apple Juice to a Choccoccino (+$1.5 ea) or Milkshake (+$2.5 ea)

Buy a coffee for your adult guests. We will take orders and run a tab during the party.

Treat your adult guests to some delicious snacks.