• (VE) = Vegetarian
  • (GF) = Gluten Free
  • (V) = Vegan
  • Gluten Free Bread +$2.5
  • Cakeage $2pp
  • Corkage $3pp
  • 15% surcharge applies on public holidays


Delectable French Toast (VE) 17

Organic fruit loaf dipped in free-range local eggs w’ honeycomb, icecream & berry couli.

Mushroom Mountain (V, VE) 15

Sautéed lemon mushrooms w‘ hazelnut dukkah, avocado and baby spinach served on multigrain sourdough.

Fresh Fritters (VE, GF) 17

Pea, mint and haloumi fritters on herb and spinach salad w’ creamy cashew dressing.

Sunny-side Burrito (VE) 16

Mexican style beans w‘ fried eggs, avocado, cheese, herb salad and cherry tomato

+ chicken or bacon 3

Happily Ever Crafter (VE) 19

Avocado smashed with goats curd, mint, lemon and pepper on multigrain sourdough. With beetroot relish, poached eggs and sautéed mushrooms.

Crafty Amigos (V, VE, GF) 15

Homemade toasted corn bread topped w’ corn, capsicum & tomato beans, baby spinach and avocado.

+ cheese 2

Fruit Toast (VE) 5

Choose your own Egg-venture (VE) 9.5

Free range local eggs done the way you like them. Served on toasted organic sourdough. Choose from white, multigrain or gluten free bread.


Free Range Bacon 4

Mexican Style Beans (VE) 4

Roasted Potato Wedges (VE) 4

Caramelized Onion w/ Chilli (V) 2.5

Halloumi (VE) 3.5

Avocado (V) 3.5

Mushrooms (V) 4

Beetroot Relish (V) 1.5

Tomato Relish (V) 1.5

Extra Egg 2.5



Squeezy Cheesy (VE) 9

Smooth Mersey Valley Vintage, creamy blue and goats curd grilled w’ caramelized onion and a little chilli on white sourdough.

Classic Ham 9

w‘ smooth cheddar, avocado, baby spinach & wholegrain mustard on a multigrain sourdough.

Poached Chicken 9

w‘ smooth cheddar, cranberry & pistachio roulade and baby spinach on white sourdough.

Roasted Pumpkin (VE) 9

w’ seared halloumi, baby spinach, beetroot relish, cashew dressing on multigrain sourdough.

Bacon & Egg Roll 9

Free range, local bacon & egg w’ smooth cheddar, homemade tomato relish and baby spinach on a ciabatta roll.



Oven Roasted Wedges (VE) 7

Rosemary and sea salt oven roasted potato wedges.

+ Cheese and Bacon 3

+ Cheese and Caramelized onion 3

Potachos (VE) 15

Oven roasted potatoes with mexican style beans, cheese and avocado.

Popcorn (VE) 5.5

That salty, buttery, popcorny goodness.



Billie Jean (VE) 5

Our mix of coco pops & rice bubbles will have you moonwalking all day!

Boiled Egg & Vegemite Soldiers (VE) 6

Avocado Soldiers 1.5

Kids Egg (VE) 6

Single egg done just the way you like it. Served on organic soudough, multigrain or gluten free bread.

+ one piece bacon 2


Vegemite & Cheese (VE)

Ham & Cheese

Avocado & Cheese (VE)

Mini Sausage Rolls 6.5

Five organic beef sausage rolls served with your choice of homemade relish or ketchup.

Mini Vege Rolls6

Five vegetable and marinated fetta rolls served with your choice of homemade relish or ketchup.

Mini Burgers 10

Two organic beef burgers w' cheese, avocado & tomato relish served w' roast potato wedges.



Chocolate and Beetroot Cake (GF) 7

w' cream, berry coulis & almonds.

Almond, Berry & Lemon Tart (V) 7

w' vegan ice cream, berry coulis & almonds.

Carrot Cake 7

w' cream cheese icing, walnuts & cream.

Cupcakes 4.5

chocolate, vanilla or raspberry & coconut.

Decorate-a-cupcake 7

White Chocolate & Coconut Crackle3.5

Lemonade Scones 5.5

two w' jam & cream (weekends only).

Banana & Nut Loaf (V) (GF)4.5

Daily Delicious Muffins 4

Cookies 3